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PHP - Login Class
Date posted: 07/Feb/2016

This is a simple class to handle loging in. It test the users input against the data stored in the database. Right now, it only handles base64 encodes. I plan, in the future, to add some salt and pepper to it and increase the security of it. But, for now, it will do! 


Php Content Class
Date posted: 04/Feb/2016

This class was designed to quickly make a json file from a table in a database.

Github: view

Php Login System!!
Date posted: 01/Oct/2014


This script is still a work inprogress. It will expand over time as I learn more php. This script was a way for me to practice my understanding of php.
What is included:

login script

registration script

basic logout script

sample database

basic connection script



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