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My Musical Opinion
Date posted: 07/Feb/2016

Well, mymusicalopinion.com is a website I created for my uncle. It allows him to easily post new blogs, edit pages, move blog post, add pictures, etc. This has been a side project of his and mine. He does all the testing and content updating, and I fix the errors. 

His goal was to have his own personal blog to allow him to post his musical opinion; hence how the site name was born, clever name eh?

Here is a sample of some facebook integration:


PHP - Login Class
Date posted: 07/Feb/2016

This is a simple class to handle loging in. It test the users input against the data stored in the database. Right now, it only handles base64 encodes. I plan, in the future, to add some salt and pepper to it and increase the security of it. But, for now, it will do! 


Photo Album!
Date posted: 06/Feb/2016

I built an album for my RIA course. I was very proud of it and decided to put it in my portfolio. It has an asp backend, which I will eventually convert to a PHP backend, and an html and javascript with some Jquery front-end.

Link to it in action: view



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