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Now that we have Imgburn installed, we might as well take advantage of some of it's features. In this post, we'll be looking at how to create a disc image from a folder stored on your machine. Why might you want to do this? There could be several reasons. One reason could be you want to share the disc with people online and you want the directory structure to be exactly how you have it. So, if you were making a game disc for a game you've been working on and planning on uploading the disc online for others, this would be the fastest way to make it.

First, open imgburn. If you are using windows 8.1, click the flag in the bottom left corner.

Once the start screen appears, begin to type imgburn. The charm bar will open to the right side and begin to search for the program. Once you see imgburn, either click it or press enter on the keyboard.

The application will open with a list of several different things to choose from. For this demo, we are going to choose, "create image files/folders". 

Once you click it, you'll be greated with a screen that could look very scary. Your focus for this screen is the folder icon. Click it. 

In the next screen, select the folder with your files and click select folder

Next, select the destination by clicking the folder icon

In the popup, name the file and select the destination. Then click save.

finally, click the folder and file icon to start the disc image creation process.

A popup will open if you have only selected one folder. This is asking you if you want to make this folder the root folder of the disc. For this burn, I am going to click yes.

Another winodw will open asking you to name the disc, name it whatever you want and click yes.

The final window will appear. This window gives you detailed information about the creation that is going to take place. Click okay.

Once it is finished, you'll get a lovely tuned played and a nice popup. Click okay, you can close the program your disc image is in the place you decided to save it.

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