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Most users, when installing software, don't take the time to read through the installer. This causes the user to get unwanted junk on their machines. A lot of software, that is free on the internet, comes bundled with this as a way for them to keep offering you the software for free.

I am going to show you, using the free software imgburn, how easy it is to avoid installing unwanted junk on your machine.

First, let's download Imgburn from their website. Feel free to follow along, this software is an absolutely amazing tool; great for burning disc images or creating them. The link to the site is: http://www.imgburn.com/

Once on the site, click download and select the mirror that leads to MajorGeeks. I prefer the MajorGeeks mirror over the others, because it was designed by geeks for geeks. They also check all the software they provide which is a great bonus to the end user.

You'll be redirected here to MajorGeeks where we'll be given a few more mirrors to choose from. For this example, we'll choose the first mirror. If the first mirror, for some reason, doesn't work, click the second one and continue.

Now, select the location to save or run the program. In windows, with user account control on medium or high, you'll be prompted to allow the program to run, say yes and the program will start.

If we read over this screen, we can clearly see that this is the installation wizard for Imgburn. Good, we have the right program installer and can simply click next. On the next screen, We're greeted with the license agreement.

We can see that this is the agreement for Imgburn, so it is safe to click "I accept the terms..." and then next. On the screen that follows, it is asking us what parts of the program we want to install.

Again, this is safe to just click next. This is asking about the main program and isn't offering us anything. On the next screen, we're being asked where we'd like to install our new program.

For this, we can just leave it as is and click next. The next screen simply tells us that it is going to put a new folder in the start menu/screen.

Again, can just leave it and click next. This is where most programs catch people. Here, they are trying to install a piece of sponsored software on our machine. This doesn't mean that Imgburn is a bad product, because it is not! Mind you, the software that it wants to install isn't particularly great. 

So, simple click "Custom Install" and uncheck the box. This will opt us out of installing this piece of software. Click next, and we'll be greeted with another piece of sponsored software. Again, this does not mean Imgburn is bad!

Again, simply click "I do not accept" followed by next. The software will then be install without all the extra bundled stuff.

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