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Smartphones are used for everything now-a-days, from messaging to checking your blood pressure, but is it possible to use them to test our eyes? SVOne claims to allow you to be able to do this; with a low cost attachment for your phone, you'll be able to test your eye sight. 

With your iPhone and the SVOne, which is an attachment for the iPhone, you can perform an eye test. The device is targeted more at the consumer. It allows the consumer to scan their eyes. Once the eyes are scanned, the data is uploaded to the cloud for review by a medical professional. 

But, they are not the first to have done something like this. Take Peek, for example, it allows you to examine your eyes and look for problems. It is a kit which allows for you to use a smartphone to carry out difficult test on the eyes with out the need of costly equipment.

Both of these tools were aimed at people in developing countries to help reduce vision problems. With technology developing the way it is, will we even need a family doctor in the future?

Source: http://www.gizmag.com/smart-vision-labs-svone-iphone-eye-test-kit/34015/

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