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About Me
Date posted: 07/Feb/2016

Hello! My name is Robert, but online I usually go by Buckles and very rarely Doggers. I am currently a student, in information technology, at the NSCC Truro campus. My focus there was web development. I have been working with websites ever since I was 7 years old. In fact, my first ever site was on geocities. Boy, I can still remember all the popup ads that site had.

My love of building sites start when my uncle showed me his geocity website. I was so amazed that he made it; I wanted one like his! Then he showed me how he did it, and I was not impressed. Really, as a 7 year old, I knew there had to be more to it then that! I mean, the templates all looked the same, it took no skill to make anything. Well, I ended up making a geocity site like my uncles and then continued to look. I stumbled across a neopet's page that was completely customized. The user linked to an article online detailing how to use html. 

From there, I began learning HTML. I made a custom neopet's page and then wanted more; this took me back to geocites. Where I discovered that you could infact make a website without templates on there. I spent hours and days making ugly websites with html, but I got some much needed experience with working with tables and other cool elements. 

It was about a few years later that I realized what a pain it was to update my site. It was static, had to code everything myself. So, I went looking for how others made their sites dynamic, and I discovered PHP. My little mind was blown away by it. I didn't fully understand what it coudl do. I didn't fully understand how the database worked either, but I wanted to experiment with it so bad; however, geocities didn't allow for their users to have databases. 

I ended up finding a free host that did, and began learning how the database worked and how to connect to it and pull the data. Soon, I bought a domain name for myself and got paid hosting. 

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