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Langille Fuels Website
Date posted: 08/Mar/2016

First time working with wordpress, and, I must say, it was so much easier then I thought. There is still a lot I am learning about working with wordpress custom themes. What me and my partner have done so far is create a custom theme for our client. The theme removes a lot of the default buttons on the admin end. It also allows for users to see a completely different backend to what an admin sees. The purpose of this website is to allow our clients clients to easily order fuel and pay with paypal. It is still a work in progress though, but a majoraty of the functionality is there. 

The site can be seen at: http://langillefuels.doggershusky.com/ 

Fail Safe Computers
Date posted: 07/Feb/2016

Here was a side project I was working on for a local bussiness. We had made agreements on what needed to be done and payment. I did all the work of converting a static html site to a dynamic PHP site. No payment was ever recieved. The reason I am mentioning that is I learned a valuable lesson; make sure to have everything in writing. 

Communication with the man became next to impossible; with absolutely no responding to my messages, so I stopped working on the project. It is now just a portfolio piece and can be seen here Dynamic Fail Safe their site can be seen here Static Fail Safe 

An admin end was, about 90%, completed. It was about to add products, remove products, add pages, deleted pages, etc.

Nana Land
Date posted: 07/Feb/2016

Did you know that their are new top level doamins!? I was shocked when me and a dear friend of mine when domain shopping. Her websites name is Nana land. The site's focus is on stories, and soon games, for children, also children at heart, and their parents. When we started looking for domains, we stumbled across nana.landhow lucky werre we! 

This is also another side project of mine. I plan to convert the site over to a more modern look soon; right now, I am focusing on function over design. The site allows for her to login, edit content, edit pages, and stuff like that.

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