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My Musical Opinion v2
Date posted: 21/May/2016

A complete overhaul of My Musical Opinion! We converted the site from my own custom backend to the Silverstripe CMS. why you may ask? Because the Silverstripe CMS is very object oriented. 

The website can be visited at: http://mymusicalopinion.com

The old version can be seen at: http://old.mymusicalopinion.com 

Redesign of Portfolio
Date posted: 08/Mar/2016

After careful consideration, I decided it was time for a more modern looking portfolio website. All the front end content is now pulled from a json file, created from a simple php script, and shown on the page using jquery and javascript. The only php on the front end is to determine if the administrator is logged in. The backend is coded entirely with php and some jquery. Bootstrap was used to allow the website to be mobile friendly and to look clean and modern.

Nana Land v2 Website
Date posted: 08/Mar/2016

After careful consideration, me and the owner of the site decided it would be best to switch nana land to use wordpress. I added the ability to easily update the carousel and for users to easily register to the site to leave comments for Nana. Why did I choose to switch it to wordpress? After using it for a while, I realized how versatile and fun it is to customize it. It also has a solid back end as well as custom theme support. This allows for a quicker turn-around for the client.

You can visit Nana Land at: http://nana.land

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